People and Places – Danielle Lindsey

The Avenue Coffee & Cafe is proud to announce its first art opening  with local artist Danielle Lindsey.  Lindsey’s focus lies with original watercolors and digital paintings.

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People and Places by Danielle Lindsey

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

6PM – 8PM

The Avenue Coffee & Cafe

1226 Port Neches Avenue, Port Neches, TX 77651


Danielle 2

“My name is Danielle Lindsey and I am a visual artist living and creating in Southeast Texas. Although my interest in visual art began in high school and continued into college, my most influential teacher is as millennial as it gets, Google. After starting a nine-to-five 40+ hour a week job and being all but creatively starved, I decided to bring my passion for painting back to life.”

1. Where are you from?

I am originally from here, SETX. 

2. Where can we follow your work on the web?

I have a website and post regularly on my Instagram. 


Instagram: @daniellexdesignco 

3. Was there a specific artist or painting that drew you to watercolors? What was it and when?

There wasn’t a specific ah-ha moment. I just generally gravitate towards it in my own work and others I admire. Especially a mix of line art and watercolor. I find it so interesting how well they work together in both loose, abstract paintings and extremely detailed pieces alike. 


June – Digital Painting – 2018 – 8×10 with 11×14 mat*

“The majority of my paintings are from photos I’ve taken, but what sparks my interest to paint varies from people, strangers and familiars alike, to interesting architecture that resonates like home.”


4. What year did you bring the passion for painting back to life? Was there a particular moment that drove that change?

I really began focusing on it again in the summer of 2018. I had been working in sales for the past year and felt disconnected to so many of the things that felt like “me.” On a whim I decided to buy myself an iPad Pro for my 25th birthday and told myself if I didn’t use it everyday for a month I would sell it. Turns out I absolutely love using it to paint and create and it was just the spark I needed to get back on this creative track. 

5. Could you walk us through your process?  How much time is spent preparing and how much time is the actual painting itself?

Generally with my commissioned work I first take the time to learn who my client is and how I can bring their ideas to life. Then the painting process can take anywhere from 10-40 hours depending on the project. 

On the other hand when I’m painting for myself there usually isn’t too much preparation which leads the paintings more often than not to pile up in my studio and Procreate library, but every now and then something comes out of it that I want to share. 

Danielle 3

“I search both within the artistic community online and everyday experiences for opportunity to learn and grow. My true cornerstone as an artist and as a woman is to face my fears directly and honestly in any form they arise.”

6. Is all your work derived from travel and photos or do you take time to sit down and prepare for a painting?

Sometimes when I take a photo I know immediately I want to create my own version by painting it and other times it’s not until months later that the photo comes up again and I realize I want to revisit the place or person by painting. 

7. If you had a plane ticket to travel anywhere in the world to paint where would you go?

This is such a cruel question for me! I would take a plane ticket just about anywhere especially to paint! In fact I don’t think I’ve ever turned down the opportunity to travel… I genuinely enjoy it and I’m always ready for the next adventure. 

8. What’s the one thing you can’t live without and why?

Well in keeping with the topic… definitely my iPad. It goes everywhere with me and I’m always trying to find any little bit of time to paint. 

9. What’s your earliest art memory?

I honestly can’t recall… but I will say the first, most impactful one is my high school art teacher. He is good people and being around that kind of enthusiasm for life really sticks with you. 


Royal – Digital Painting – 2018 – 8×10 with 11×14 mat*

“I have always been drawn to the undone and fluid nature of watercolors, but find myself designing detail and structure within the medium. “

10. What’s the best and worst advice you’ve received?

Best: “Be yourself.” Worst: “Be yourself… just not like that.” It can be so uplifting and motivating to have people encourage you without trying to tweak your path or make you become their version of a better you. 

11. Give us your bio in 7 words.

This. Is. My. Nightmare… I’m not kidding.

But seriously. I am the worst at summing things up because I’m constantly evolving and my perspective is too. And let’s be honest am I even an artist if I follow the rules of every question? 

12. Do you have a ritual that gets you primed up for painting?

Coffee, water, and good music. That is really all it takes! 

13. Just to round things out, what is your go-to coffee order?


We hope to see you out on Tuesday evening to view Danielle’s work in person at The Avenue Coffee & Cafe.  The opening will start at 6PM and run until 8PM, but stop by early if you please.

Danielle 1

All photos provided by Danielle Lindsey.

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