Donut of the Week- 2/25 – 3/3

mardiToday is the start of our 🔥🍩Donut of the Week🍩🔥 series at The Avenue. These donuts will me made in limited quantities so get them while they are here. Our first donut is inspired by that wonderful time of year that you get to parade your crazy on the streets of the south. Some may call it Monday, but we are referring to Mardi Gras. While it isn’t your traditional take on the holiday, this donut is going to let the good times roll. It’s a Grape Fanta donut with a grape jelly filling and a Green Apple Fanta glaze. (I know, we may have a soda problem, but trust us.)💜💛💚

Take a look below to get a sneak peak on our upcoming donuts of the week:
March 4-10: S’mores Donut 🏕 🔥
March 11-17: Irish Car Bomb Donut 🚘 💣
March 18-24: Turtle Donut 🐢 🍫
March25-31: Banana Nut Donut 🍌 🥜

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