New #SOTW – 3/25

First order of business, lets congratulate Ronna Foster on winning The Avenue Coffee & Café tumbler in our giveaway this week. We love the feedback we received in the comments. Thank you for your honest and positive criticism. Lots of things still in the works with a major one starting this week. We will post about it here shortly. Until then, check out the new Sandwich & Donut of the Week

Channeling our inner love of 🍕Pizza🍕we present the Pepperoni & Veggie Pizza-nini’s as Sandwiches of the Week! The Pepperoni Pizza-nini is decked out with mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, and house-made marinara. While the Veggie Pizza-nini will take you on a trip to what some refer to as “Flavor Town” with additions of mozzarella, house-made marinara, pepperoncini’s, purple onions, red and green bell peppers, black olives, and mushrooms. While you still have the option to choose your bread, we highly recommend the garlic loaf for this Italian special. We’re here until 8PM daily, stop in and #SavorTheAvenue!

Pepperoni Pizza-nini_2Veggie Pizza-nini_1


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