Online & Call-in Ordering: NOW AVAILABLE

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We are excited to announce that call-in & online ordering will now be available at The Avenue Coffee & Café. Going forward you can now schedule your daily morning coffee pick-up, lunch or supper pick-up’s, or just order ahead of time to keep your day running smooth. The link in the bio is mobile friendly so feel free to bookmark the page and order on the go. You can create an account to save your payment method along with quick ordering for all your favorite Avenue treats.

[Click Here To Order Online]

A Couple of quick notes:
🤞With any new venture we expect to run in to some hiccups in the system. Please feel to reach out directly with any feedback to make this more user friendly, but bear with us as we work out the kinks.
🙃Rewards & Gift Card payments are NOT available online at the moment, but you can earn rewards for your online purchases to be redeemed in house.
💻📲We highly recommend the online ordering versus call-in orders as it will be a swifter process.

(409) 344-4594


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