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All My Groovy Friends drink coffee & play music!

All My Groovy Friends drink coffee & play music!

Many years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Tate Mayeux. Tate was fronting a band accompanied by a long time friend Brian Broussard, rightfully named Mayeux and Broussard. Tate was an interesting character with his long curly hair and raspy voice. The combination of Brian and Tate produced a honky tonk sound that got stuck endlessly in my head and I’m thankful for the music they make to this day. 


As years passed, a group I played with went out on a trip one weekend to Austin for a gig at Hotel Vegas. My hotel room turned into a disaster and Tate saved the day, giving us a place to sleep that night. We ended up the next day at a coffee spot/bar called The Buzzmill. This was the first time I ever saw the interest in coffee Tate had. I went on later to play a gig with Barelands at the Buzzmill that Tate facilitated and it was an amazing set. I remember seeing so many friends that had moved to Austin and getting to link up with old band mates to sit in on the set. This was the first time I recall Barelands playing as a four piece string band. 

Over the years, Tate hosted a song writer series called “Sing Your Life Away's” including a few done down here in Beaumont. A lot of these shows happened at The Buzzmill if my memory serves me correct. When I saw Tate announcing he was releasing his own coffee roast it all made sense to me. Long gone are the “Sing Your Life Away’s“ days and I felt this Coffee was there to hold the spirit of what music does in bringing people together just like coffee does. I’ve seen so many friends brewing up this coffee in support of a friend and something greater, a community. It has also reiterated the call that we must push forward and innovate. 

With the bar industry in shambles and musicians out of work, they like most people are having to get creative. It’s inspiring to see Tate take something he has always been passionate about and put it into action.

If you get a chance, take an opportunity and purchase a bag of All My Groovy Friends “Mayeux Morning Blend” to support a hard-working musician and his passion for coffee. It’s radically good coffee and something, we at The Avenue, believe in. You can order online today for pickup. 


Lastly, if you like good tunes, head over to and pickup Brian & Tate’s newest release.