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From Bean to Cup

From Bean to Cup
On July 16th, a dream became reality with the delivery of our Bellwether Coffee Roaster. Our concept of controlling as many elements of every cup we craft reached the next level. The Bellwether Coffee roaster was no easy task getting into the cafe, weighing in at over 1200lbs. 
Once in the building, the roaster was setup and went through a series of vigorous tests to ensure it was operating
Finally on to roasting our first batch of coffee:
Weighing our green coffee:
Green coffee ready to roast in the hopper:
Roaster heating up:
Coffee in the drum during the roasting process:
Roasted coffee after completing the cooling process:
Bagged roast ready to sale:
Over the course of the last week we have tested numerous coffees for our espresso and put up our first retail batches while we wait for our branded bags to arrive this week. Coffees from Brazil, Colombia, and Peru were among the first origins we roasted. If you didn’t have a chance to try our Brazilian medium roast, then grab a bag now as we have coffee available to ship right to your door.
Thanks for your continued support and grab a bag of freshly roasted Avenue Coffee!